Lack of facilities sparks discomfort among fans in Asian Volleyball Championship matchesBreaking

May 18, 2024

In a disappointing turn of events, the Asian Volleyball Championship witnessed a severe lack of facilities, leaving fans and attendees grappling with discomfort due to the scorching heat. Despite a 10,000-capacity gymnasium, the absence of adequate chillers marred the experience for spectators. As junior classes students from local schools filled the seats, anticipation for the championship ran high. However, the extreme heat and humidity quickly dampened spirits, with young attendees visibly distressed and seeking relief outside the venue. The absence of proper drinking water provisions further exacerbated the situation, leading to widespread discomfort among students. Despite efforts to drum up interest in the league by offering free entry, the response from residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad remained lukewarm. Even with morning and evening shifts of federal school children bussed in, the lack of amenities overshadowed the event's potential success.

The Turkmen community, among others, also braved the stifling conditions to support the teams. However, their discomfort mirrored that of other attendees, highlighting the failure to address the glaring issue of inadequate cooling systems. The Volleyball Federation's oversight in accounting for the heat, compounded by the decision to hold matches during the day instead of cooler evening hours, further exacerbated the situation. International teams, too, grappled with the adverse conditions, casting a shadow on the event's global reputation. The failure to provide chillers not only tarnished the federation's image but also drew criticism towards the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for its oversight in ensuring suitable facilities for a world-level event. Ultimately, the episode left attendees, particularly the young students, enduring severe discomfort amid the sweltering summer conditions.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan