DC Kohat Football League beginsBreaking

January 02, 2023

Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Kohat, with the support of Kohat Cement Company Limited, a football league was organized in District Sports Complex Kohat. The tournament's main moto was 'say no to drugs' wherein Deputy Commissioner Kohat Furqan Ashraf, Manager and Administrator of Kohat Cement Company Limited, Security Officer Col.

Ejaz Hussain, former International Football Referee Khurram Shehzad, CSR Mahir Kifayatullah, DSO Sports Sajid Afridi and a large number of spectators were also present. The opening match was played between Hangu League and Kohat League, after a tough competition, Kohat League won by 1-0. Ejaz Hussain said that the main objective of the tournament was to educate the youth about the harmful effects of drugs.

He said through the tournament an awareness campaign has also been launched to engage the youth in healthy activities by protecting them from the scourge of drugs. At the end of the match, DC Kohat Furqan Ashraf said that activities such as sports keep a person sufficiently energetic. The youth is saved by involving them in sports activities and such events would be organized on a regular basis so that the youth on one side would engage in healthy activities while on the other side they would get opportunities to show their skills at national and international level.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP