Uplift of Chitral top most priority: TalhaBreaking

January 22, 2024

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) senior leader Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood has stated that development of Chitral is the top most priority. He stated this while addressing a public gathering in Chitral and vowed for development in Chitral. Addressing a gathering, he said that due to the negligence of the rulers and elected representatives, the people of Chitral are still forced to live a Stone Age life. The JUI workers welcomed him outside the city and took him in a convoy to the public meeting place, where the people of Veerkop, Shahgram and other areas gave him a warm welcome. On this occasion, Haji Shakeel, the candidate of Provincial Assembly constituency PK-1, former Amir Sher Karim Shah and other members of JUI were also present with him. While addressing the gathering, the Senator expressed regret and said that when I travelled to upper Chitral, it seemed that the people here were still forced to live in the Stone Age, there was no electricity, no potable clean drinking water and no good roads.

Speaking at Shahgram, the Senator said, "If helping the poor, providing sewing machines to widowed women, offering free treatment to patients, and providing free education to orphans is considered a crime, then I will continue to commit these 'crimes.' If anyone has the guts and can stop me, then go ahead and try to stop it." He expressed determination, stating, ‘If I get an opportunity to serve, and on February 8, people cast their votes in my favor, electing me with a heavy mandate, then I promise that I will never attempt to exploit your rights’. He urged the people to elect a right and honest representative for their rights. On this occasion, Amir JUI upper Chitral Mulvi Sher Karim Shah and other leaders also expressed their views and criticized the elected representatives in the past. The meeting concluded with the prayer words of Ustad al-Hadith Fateh al-Bari, which was attended by a large number of people.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)