Umar Ayub, Ali Khan vow to bring PTI founder as prime ministerBreaking

February 29, 2024

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders Umar Ayub and Ali Muhammad Khan said on Thursday that the PTI founder will be in the assembly as prime minister. He was talking to media outside the National Assembly here before attending the session of the newly-elected house. He vowed that the PTI would resolve people’s problems. Ayub said that the international financial institutions want proper use of the debt as the government does not have the ability to do so. He said that the members of the Sunni Unity Council (SIC) would attend the assembly session en masse, take oath and stage protest. The PTI founder has directed the members-elect to ensure their presence in the assembly session. Ali Muhammad Khan said that their leader would return to the highest office with a two-thirds majority. He said that the party had won 180 seats but deprived of its mandate by tampering with Form 47. “We have pointed this out to the IMF,” he added. Khan said that the party wanted strong judicial system in the country.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)