Reduction in expenses: Pakistan unveils Hajj policy 2024Breaking

November 16, 2023

Religious Affairs minister Aneeq Ahmed on Thursday announced the 2024 Hajj policy. Aneeq Ahmed said that Hajj 2024 will be digitalized wherein Hajis will get an internet-free mobile application that could be used without internet and through an arrangement unlimited free call package will be provided to Hajis. Aneeq Ahmed said that last year's Hajj cost Rs11075000 but this year's Hajj will cost 1075000. Minister of Religious Affairs said that residences for pilgrims are found in good places in both Holy cities.

The Hajj Secretary clarified that the cost of a sacrificial animal is not included in the original Hajj package. Moreover, if anyone wants to go for a short Hajj, then the pilgrim will have to pay Rs75,000 extra.  Aneeq Ahmed told media person that the caretaker cabinet approved the groundbreaking Hajj policy yesterday, marking a paradigm shift in the pilgrimage experience. He said the forthcoming Hajj is set to surpass its predecessor, with a plan in place to accommodate the mammoth number of pilgrims.

 The first phase of the policy featured an ‘affordable’ package priced at 1075 thousand rupees. Discussion with airlines underway Aneeq Ahmed said discussions with airlines are ongoing to secure minimum airfare, with the savings earmarked for pilgrims' accounts. Digitizing the Hajj process To embrace digital advancements, the Ministry of IT played a pivotal role in digitizing the Hajj process.

A dedicated app for Hajj 2024 will provide a streamlined experience for the pilgrims. With just a few taps, 90,000 pilgrims will receive suitcases equipped with QR codes, ensuring efficient management. The app, designed to function ‘seamlessly’ even in low connectivity areas, will provide Haji with 7GB of data internet for 40 days—enabling unlimited calls within Pakistan. The minister said the digitization step is expected will be proved as a hassle-free communication breakthrough during the pilgrimage.

Abayas featuring the Pakistani flags introduced He said as a gesture of national pride, all women embarking on the spiritual journey will be provided with abayas featuring the Pakistani flag. Additionally, small bags and Ihram will be distributed to further ease the pilgrimage process.

Short Hajj A never-before-seen short Hajj, spanning 20 to 21 days, has been introduced. Blend of tradition and technology Pakistan introduced Hajj 2024 policy that promised a blend of tradition and technological innovation.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)