Rawalpindi City Traffic Police to crack down on smoke-emitting vehiclesBreaking

October 11, 2023

In an effort to combat environmental pollution and smog, Rawalpindi City Traffic Police has announced a large-scale crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles.According to media reports, CTO Taimur Khan on Wednesday has stated that any vehicle emitting smoke will not be allowed to enter the city. Heavy fines will also be imposed on vehicles emitting smoke within the city. Special teams will be installed on the inner and outer routes of the city to enforce this ban. In addition to smoke-emitting vehicles, the crackdown will also target vehicles without tarpaulins, dumpers, trolleys, and other loaders. These vehicles are often overloaded and emit a significant amount of pollution.

According to a recent report, eighty-three percent of smog is caused by smoke-emitting vehicles. Smog is a serious health hazard, and it is especially harmful to children, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems. CTO Rawalpindi has formed a special smog squad to take action against smoke-emitting vehicles. The squad will be responsible for patrolling the city's streets and issuing fines to violators.Residents can help to reduce smog by avoiding driving whenever possible. If you must drive, make sure that your vehicle is properly maintained and that it is not emitting smoke. You can also reduce your exposure to smog by staying indoors on days when the air quality is poor.The Rawalpindi City Traffic Police crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles is a welcome step. It is important to take action to reduce air pollution and protect the health of residents.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)