PTI submits a 25-point CoD to ECP for holding free, fair pollsBreaking

October 12, 2023

A three-member committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) consisting of Senator Ali Zafar, Dr. Babar Awan and Barrister Gohar Khan attended the meeting held at Election Commission of Pakistan, presented a 25-point charter of demand and called upon the commission to fulfil the same in order to ensure free, fair and credible elections in the country within the timeframe of 90 days from the dissolution of the National Assembly fixed by the constitution. The charter of demand is as under; Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan is currently incarcerated as a Prisoner of Conscience,  Our Leaders mentioned in the list of attendees for the ECP meeting have not been allowed to attend,  PTI being victimised and perse as a political entity, . ECP is delaying issuing the written order of PTI’s Election Symbol case, 'Enforced Staged Encounters' of PTI Leadership staged to force them to renounce PTI,  Enforced Disappeared leaders have been forcefully made to give interviews/statements and leave PTI,  No level playing field for PTI,  Election schedule and holding elections in 90 Days.  Schedule had to be announced after meeting the President.  January month announced by ECP without a specific date is wrong. It is outside 90 days limit stipulated by the Constitution.

 President has to announce the date, ECP has to give a schedule within 90 days, Matter is pending in the SCP. The SCP gave instructions to the ECP to keep it apprised of the election preparations.  Delimitations. Used as a delaying tactics by the ECP. Smart Phones be allowed in the premises of the Polling Station except where a vote is cast. Returning Officers should be properly instructed.  Seals on the bags by PTI.  ROs should be properly instructed. Flags in Cantts and other Government premises such as WAPDA Colonies and Dam Colonies etc. should be allowed. Rigging & Pre Poll Rigging Issues, ECP should issue instructions that PTI should be allowed to conduct political meetings.

ANP was allowed to conduct a meeting in Hangu and provided 183 people for security. On the same day, PTI was denied permission to hold a political meeting on the pretext on insufficient security personnel but 283 Policemen were used to baton charge PTI activists in Hangu that very day. The Police used the shortage of Police personnel as an excuse to deny PTI holding a political meeting.  Letters were written by PTI KP to the KP Govt seeking permission to hold PTI, political jalsas. Were not given permission. (No denial or permission) – Tacit refusal and then action taken against us.  PTI Flags and materials manufacturers are not allowed to produce PTI material. PEMRA should be instructed to give air time to PTI and Imran Khan. PMLN etc are allowed on TV channels and PTV distributes the feed.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)