PTI founder 'launched to harm' Pakistan: Sharjeel MemonBreaking

May 16, 2024

Sindh Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon said on Thursday that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder launched a campaign to harm the country. Addressing an event in Karachi, Memon stated: "Israel talks about the violation of human rights in Pakistan. Israel, which is involved in the genocide of the Palestinians, is supporting the PTI founder. Israel has funded the PTI founder for the elections." "The PTI founder was made victorious through the worst rigging in the 2018 general elections. The PTV, parliament, and police officials were attacked," he said. "The entire country was closed due to a 126-day protest," Memon said. Memon took a dig at the PTI founder, saying, "The PTI founder had always embraced the politics of anarchy." Speaking about the law and order situation in Sindh, Memon said: "The Sindh government is serious about the law and order situation in the province.

Everybody is on one page in terms of maintaining peace in Sindh." – Sharjeel Memon on warpath against PTI – Few days back, Memon fired a broadside at the PTI. Expressing his thoughts, Memon asserted: "The PTI is launching a smear campaign against the institutions. The PTI had been involved in terrorism on social media." Memon said: "The PTI does not want to hold negotiations, but it is pleading for the deal, but the institutions are not ready for the deal." "All the groups within the PTI have their own narrative. During the last one and a half years, every group of the PTI has been requesting the deal," he added. Memon questioned, "How can those who launched campaigns against the institutions talk about the negotiations?"

Credit: Independent News Pakistan