PR to switch its entire stations' power network to solar systemsBreaking

September 12, 2023

Pakistan Railways (PR) has been planning to switch its entire stations' power network to solar systems in different phases, which would help to save billions of rupees for the department. According to PR sources that the first phase of the project will see the conversion of 99 formations, including major railway stations, nine divisional headquarters, and other vital offices, to solar power. This is expected to save Rs. 1.8 billion for the department.In the subsequent phases, more stations, offices, and other facilities will be added to the solar network.

The project will be implemented by the National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK). A Ministry of Railways official said that the decision to shift to solar power was taken to eliminate the economic burden of Pakistan Railways. He said that the department was spending a significant amount of money on electricity bills, and the switch to solar power would help to reduce these costs.The official added that the project would also help to reduce pollution and improve the environment. In a related development, the PR management has implemented a policy that prohibits its officers from using air-conditioning before 11 a.m. daily. This is part of the department's efforts to conserve energy.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)