PFA disposes of 2500 ltrs adulterated milkBreaking

January 19, 2024

The Punjab food Authority (PFA) on Friday disposed of 2500 litres of adulterated and substandard milk during the ongoing operation in the provincial metropolis. On the directions of PFA Director General Muhammad Asim Javaid, dairy safety teams inspected more than 60 milk carrier vehicles with 90,000 litres milk at Gajjumatta and Ferozewala and the examination revealed water adulteration and reduced fat content, resulting in the disposal of over 2,500 liters of milk. PFA DG Asim Javed said that the milk was to be supplied to various societies and shops in the provincial capital. He said that the purpose of the crackdown was to control the wicked practice of milk adulteration in Punjab and ensure the implementation of Punjab Pure Food Regulations. The director general said the use of substandard milk was injurious to human health and indiscriminate operation would continue till the elimination of the milk-adulteration mafia across the Punjab.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)