Peshawar, with AQI 276, ranked as world’s most-polluted cityBreaking

December 06, 2023

Different parts of the country continue to remain engulfed by smog as Peshawar, with the air quality index (AQI) recorded at 324, emerged as the world’s most-polluted city on Wednesday. Lahore was not far behind where the air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 269, and was ranked as the second most polluted city in the world. At one time, the AQI in some of the areas surrounding the Punjab capital even shot up to 400. The AQI was worst over the Pakistan Engineering Services where it was recorded at 403. It was followed by Brevzon with the AQI standing at 397. Similarly, the AQI over The Mall was recorded at 388, and 355 over the US consulate in Lahore.   On the other hand, it is getting cold in Lahore as minimum temperature in the city was recorded at 10 degrees Celsius, while it was expected to go up to 24 degrees Celsius later in the day. Breeze was blowing at the speed of five kilometers per hour, while the level of humidity in the air was recorded at 77 per cent.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)