Pakistan Coast Guards seize contraband in coastal crackdownBreaking

May 15, 2024

In a recent series of intensive operations, the Pakistan Coast Guards have successfully intercepted and seized a huge amount of contraband along the coast, reinforcing efforts against narcotics and trafficking. During these operations, a variety of illicit items were confiscated, including 12,970 kilograms of betel nut, 3,049 packets of gutka mix, 1,524 cigarettes, 206 bundles of net cloth, and a range of miscellaneous goods, totaling 9,063 cartons of dairy products. Notably, the Coast Guards also seized 12,300 liters of Iranian petrol, 116,355 liters of diesel, and 2,880 liters of cooking oil. Additionally, electronic devices, vehicle spare parts, and four vehicles were among the items apprehended.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan