Pakistan calls for supporting developing countries in meeting food insecurity challengesBreaking

October 12, 2023

At the United Nations, Pakistan has called for supporting the developing countries in meeting the challenges of socio economic instability, food insecurity and climate change. The call was made by counsellor Hafiza Humaira Javaid while making statement at the Second Committee of UN General Assembly on Eradication of Poverty and Agriculture Development, Food Security and Nutrition in New York.   She emphasized that world needs to act swiftly to end poverty, hunger, food insecurity, geo-political conflicts and climate crisis as these are major hurdles in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Counsellor proposed that debt crisis should be resolved and equitable financial structures be ensured by introducing reforms in international financial institutions to help poor and developing countries meet the socioeconomic and climate change related challenges.

She said exploitation of natural resources of poorer countries must stop. The Counsellor also called upon the developed countries to fulfill their commitments towards providing financial, technological, and capacity building support to the developing countries to recover from crises and impacts of climate change. Humaira Javaid also suggested reforms and investment in agriculture sector especially facilitating the farmers in developing countries through adequate access to seeds, fertilizer, and finance.

 Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)