NUST students unveil Pakistan's first hybrid formula car in KarachiBreaking

May 15, 2024

Pakistani engineering, students from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have unveiled the country's inaugural Hybrid Formula Car, marking a significant milestone in the nation's automotive industry. The grand ceremony showcasing the Hybrid Bird Formula Car, developed by NUST students, took place in Karachi, graced by the presence of Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesuri as the chief guest, alongside Commodore Tauqeer Ahmed, Commandant of PNEC NUST. Pioneering a new era in eco-friendly automotive technology, the Hybrid Bird Formula Car harnesses a dual-power system, combining traditional fuel with electric charging to enhance both performance and environmental sustainability. With plans to showcase the innovative vehicle at the upcoming FSUK World Competition in July, the NUST team is poised to make waves on the global stage. Team leader Muhammad Umar expressed pride in the groundbreaking achievement, emphasizing its significance in elevating NUST and Pakistan's reputation worldwide. He hailed the Hybrid Bird Formula Car as not just a vehicle, but a testament to Pakistan's engineering prowess, while also pledging support to other educational institutions embarking on similar automotive projects.

Commandant Commodore Tawqir Ahmad lauded NUST's rich legacy of academic excellence spanning six decades, highlighting the institution's diverse curriculum encompassing cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, data science, and naval architecture. He underscored NUST's commitment to nurturing student talent through hands-on projects, including the development of four distinct car prototypes. Commodore Tauqeer Ahmad revealed that the Hybrid Formula Car project had its genesis in 2012, marking a long-awaited milestone in Pakistan's automotive innovation journey. Addressing the gathering, Governor Sindh praised the ingenuity and dedication of Pakistani youth, emphasizing their pivotal role in driving the nation's progress. He extended congratulations to the students' parents and teachers for their invaluable support and urged for greater recognition of such pioneering endeavors through national awards. Governor Sindh announced a gold medal award for the team behind the first hybrid formula car, acknowledging their groundbreaking contribution to Pakistan's automotive landscape.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan