Motorways in country’s upper areas closed due to dense fogBreaking

January 22, 2024

Different sections of the motorway were closed for all kinds of traffic after the country’s upper areas were engulfed by dense fog on Monday. M 1, from Islamabad to Peshawar, M 2, from Islamabad to Balksar, M 14, from Hakla to Kot Yark, Swat Expressway from Colonel Sher Khan to Ismaelia, and a section of Hazara Motorway were closed after they were blanketed by dense fog. Spokesman for the Motorway Police (MP), on the other hand, said that sections of the motorway had to be closed in order to prevent accidents and protect the lives of commuters. He advised people to first avoid travelling unnecessarily while the fog is dense. “And if it is really necessary, travel during the daytime and reach their destinations before evening when fog again becomes dense,” the spokesman said, adding, “While driving, motorists should turn fog lights of their vehicles on, drive at a slow speed, and also keep distance from other vehicles.”

“In case of emergency or for information, dial helpline no 130,” he said, adding, “You can also receive updates by visiting the website of the National Highways and Motorway Police.” Extreme cold results in spread of diseases Most parts of the country are in the grip of bitterly cold weather as they have not received sunlight for the last one month. In Lahore, the minimum temperature was recorded at 7 degrees Celsius on Monday morning while the maximum temperature was forecast to go up to only 8 degrees Celsius later in the afternoon. Doctors have advised people to exercise caution as people are falling sick due to extremely cold and dry weather. Humidity level in the air was recorded at 90 per cent, while breeze was blowing at the speed of five kilometers per hour. The Met Office, on the other hand, predicted cold and dry weather for most parts of the country, including Lahore during the ongoing week.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)