Lahore court discharges underage driversBreaking

December 06, 2023

The court of Cantt Katcheri on Wednesday discharged all the underage drivers arrested in the city from their cases. Judicial Magistrates Ejaz Ahmed and Rabia Riaz issued judgments on various cases, rejecting the request for judicial remand filed by the police. The court verdict stated that the cases lacked any mention of speeding or reckless driving, and there was no evidence to link the accused with the crime. Additionally, the court pointed out that all provisions against underage drivers are bailable, rendering the police's plea for 14-day judicial remand invalid. Consequently, the court ordered the immediate release of the accused, assuming they were not involved in any other cases. This decision comes after the traffic police arrested 100 underage drivers and registered cases against them at various police stations within the Kent Circle.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)