Kissan Board Punjab President invites JI Amir Hafiz Naeem for protest in LahoreBreaking

May 04, 2024

Kissan Board Central Punjab President Mian Rasheed Minhala held a meeting with Jamaat e Islami Amir Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman at Mansoora, Lahore. The agenda primarily revolved around addressing the ongoing concerns of farmers and strategizing future actions. During the meeting, President Minhala extended a cordial invitation to Hafiz Naeem to partake in the forthcoming protest scheduled in front of the Chief Minister's residence. Expressing his solidarity, Hafiz Naeem congratulated Mian Rasheed Minhala on his recent release and lauded his unwavering commitment to championing farmers' causes. He emphasized the importance of sustaining the momentum of the movement for the rightful demands of farmers.

In response, President Minhala expressed gratitude for the support and cooperation extended by Jamaat e Islami. He reaffirmed the Kissan Board's determination to continue its struggle until farmers' grievances are addressed comprehensively. Mian Rasheed divulged plans for a protest camp to be set up at Mall Road, commencing from today. He warned that if the government fails to procure wheat from farmers, a protest will ensue directly in front of the CM House. He emphasized that the protest would encompass not only farmers but also their families and livestock, underscoring the widespread concern gripping the agricultural community.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan