Karachi's captured dacoit reveals son in United States, daughter a medical studentBreaking

May 15, 2024

A notorious dacoit apprehended by the Clifton Investigation Police has unveiled a double life marked by crime and familial ties spanning continents. Identified as Shehryar, the accused confessed to a string of crimes perpetrated while masquerading in police attire. During interrogation, Shehryar disclosed his modus operandi, which involved donning stolen police pants and concealing his identity with a mask while targeting food chains and medical stores. Astonishingly, amidst his criminal exploits, Shehryar divulged that his son resided in United States, while his daughter pursued a career in medicine. The revelation further delved into Shehryar's criminal history, citing a past conviction for the murder of a policeman in the Firozabad area back in 2008.

Despite serving his sentence, Shehryar's criminal activities persisted, characterized by a pattern of fleeing to Lahore once funds dwindled, only to return to Karachi to resume his unlawful ventures. The breakthrough in apprehending Shehryar came with the aid of hotel software records from Lahore, leading the police to swiftly act on their investigation and effectuate the arrest. The unraveling saga of Shehryar underscores the complexities of criminality intertwined with familial bonds and transnational connections, shedding light on the intricate web of law enforcement's pursuit of justice in Karachi's urban landscape.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan