Karachi starts growing world's priciest 'Miyazaki' MangoBreaking

May 16, 2024

The cultivation of the world's most expensive mango, the 'Miyazaki', has recently begun in Karachi, marking a major milestone in the agricultural landscape of Pakistan. Previously grown exclusively in Japan, this prized fruit now finds a new home in Pakistan's commercial hub. The 'Miyazaki' mango, renowned for its unique red and purple hues, is a high-value fruit fetching prices between $800 and $900 per kilogram in the international market, translating to approximately Rs250,000 to Rs300,000. Locally, the price of this luxurious mango can soar to Rs3 lakh per kg, making it a rare and elite commodity not easily accessible to the common consumer. Pakistan is already famous for its diverse and flavorful mango varieties such as Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasheri, and Anwar Ratol. Each of these varieties holds a special place in the global market for their unique tastes.

The introduction of 'Miyazaki' mangoes adds a new dimension to Pakistan's mango production, potentially elevating the country's status in the international fruit market. A local farmer, who has successfully cultivated the 'Miyazaki' mango in Karachi, shared insights with reporters. He emphasized the distinct characteristics of the 'Miyazaki' mango, noting its exceptional color, taste, and value. Although typically yellow, this mango stands out for its rare red and purple appearance. The farmer revealed that the cultivation process started on a trial basis, and the initial results have been promising. With the successful adaptation of the 'Miyazaki' mango to Karachi's climate, there is potential for broader commercial cultivation, which could revolutionize the local agricultural economy.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan