Islamabad shrouded in fog: Flights diverted to Lahore, KarachiBreaking

January 20, 2024

Heavy fog descended upon Islamabad on Saturday, disrupting air travel and impacting border operations. The dense blanket significantly reduced visibility, forcing the diversion of several flights and delaying or suspending others. At least four international flights scheduled to land in Islamabad were rerouted to other cities like Karachi and Lahore. Aviation sources confirmed that flight PF 747 from Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK 134 from Dubai landed in Karachi instead of Islamabad. PIA flights PK 182 from Sharjah and PK 162 from Abu Dhabi were diverted to Lahore. Departures from Islamabad were equally affected. Flights to Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Bahrain, and Urumqi were grounded due to the low visibility, causing inconvenience and uncertainty for passengers. The thick fog also shrouded border crossings around Islamabad, leading to delays and disruptions in movement. Visibility issues hampered clearance procedures and overall operations, impacting both passenger and freight traffic.

While the severity of the fog is expected to decrease later in the day, the exact timeline for full resumption of air travel and border operations remains unclear. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and providing updates as they become available. Passengers with flights to or from Islamabad are advised to contact their respective airlines for updated information and reschedule their travel if necessary. Checking official airport websites and social media channels can also provide real-time updates on flight status and border operations. Travellers venturing out near the borders or in foggy areas are urged to exercise caution and prioritize visibility and safety. Following traffic regulations and adhering to official advisories are crucial during such weather conditions. The sudden rise in fog highlights the challenges posed by unpredictable weather patterns and underscores the importance of preparedness and timely communication for ensuring smooth travel and border operations. As the situation unfolds, travellers are advised to stay informed and prioritize safety while navigating the disruptions caused by the dense fog in Islamabad.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)