First monsoon rain in Karachi 29th JuneBreaking

June 25, 2024

In a welcome relief for Karachi's residents suffering from the extreme heat, the Met Department has announced the arrival of the city's first monsoon rain. The much-anticipated showers are expected to bring respite from the scorching temperatures that have gripped the city in recent weeks. The department reported that monsoon winds will enter Karachi from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea starting June 26. A low-pressure system currently present in Gujarat, India, is set to move towards Pakistan, bringing with it the much-needed rain. "Citizens can expect light to moderate rain on June 29," said a spokesperson from the department. This development is expected to provide significant relief from the heatwave, which has caused discomfort and health concerns across the city.

Earlier, it had been reported that Karachi is currently experiencing a severe heatwave, with temperatures soaring and humidity levels making conditions exceptionally hot and uncomfortable for residents. According to the Met Department, the maximum temperature is expected to reach up to 41 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, with the current temperature already at 33 degrees Celsius and a high humidity level of 73%. It says the intensity of heat was being felt at 39 degrees. However, the weather department predicts that sea breezes will resume in Karachi from Wednesday evening and the temperature are likely to drop gradually from tomorrow.  

Credit: Independent News Pakistan