Educational institutes closed in Islamabad amid terror threat: sourcesBreaking

January 22, 2024

Following a threat alert regarding a potential terror attack, several educational institutes in Islamabad were closed to avoid any catastrophe on Monday sources said. Sources claimed that the banned organization planned to take out multiple ‘terror attacks’ on educational institutes, particularly schools, and universities, in Islamabad. Sources in the threat alert suggested that the ‘terror attacks’ were carried out by female suicide bombers affiliated with the banned organizations between January 22-24. The police officials in a statement claimed that the security arrangements in the capital are firmly in place, however, caution is advised for election rallies and public gatherings in the federal capital. Earlier in 2021, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) said that a security high alert was issued across the country given a possible terror threat and intelligence-based operations (IBOs) are being conducted in Punjab. The CTD Punjab said in a statement that a security high alert was issued given a possible terror threat. The spokesperson added that IBOs are being conducted across Punjab as 23 operations were conducted in different districts during the last seven days. During the IBOs, 23 suspects were interrogated and two high-profile terrorists, Abdul Samad and Ikramullah Khan, were arrested. The alleged terrorist Abdul Samad was arrested from Sialkot and Ikramullah Khan was arrested from Nankana Sahib.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)