Dialogue could only be effective if Imran engaged in them personally: AhsanBreaking

March 18, 2023

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal stated that dialogue could only be effective if Imran Khan was engaged in them personally because just like in the past, negotiations with Imran Khan's B-team (the mid-tier leadership of PTI) had always failed in producing results.

Talking to a private news channel, he said that Imran Khan was referring to political leaders as thieves and robbers, and on the one hand, he was offering negotiations to them. Referring to the Pakistan Bar Council's (PBC) offer to arrange the All Political Conference (APC), the minister said that he fully supported the proposal and would recommend it to the prime minister in this regard.

"Political leaders have to sit down and decide the way forward and should solve all the problems, including the economic crises," he urged the political leaders. Criticizing Imran Khan's politics, he said that Imran was proving by his actions that he did not care about anything except himself.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP