Defamation Act 2002 fails to provide relief to people, says Azma BukhariBreaking

May 15, 2024

Punjab Information and Culture Minister Azma Bukhari has said that the Defamation Act of 2002 has failed to provide any relief to anyone and did not go beyond notices. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Azma Bukhari said that throwing people's turbans for cheap fame and making dollars is done on air. Azma Bukhari said that a false person accused Shehbaz Sharif which was claimed but till date no action has been taken, she added. Giving details about the new law of defamation, she said that there is no interference of police and jail in the new law and it will be treated like civil cases. She said that the new law will be applicable to YouTube, Facebook, Vlogs and Tweeter.

She said that this act has to be implemented with time frame and according to the new law, the affected party will give the date instead of the judge and other party will be bound to submit the answer within 21 days. However, the opportunity to defend the right will also be given, she added. She said that a degree of three million will be issued if the case is proved. A case can be made only on the criminal side of the old case, she said. According to the new law, the case has to be decided within 180 days whereas the procedure is 138 days but 30 days extra is also given. It was objected that someone has been made a safe guard with the new law.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan