Country heading towards civil war, says RasheedBreaking

January 24, 2023

Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the now the issue not limited to politics and country is heading towards civil war.  In a statement issued in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that ‘political brides’ have been inducted in power in Punjab. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that Mohsin Naqvi, the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, was the front-man of Asif Ali Zardari and AML will move the court against the appointment.

“Fearing their defeat, they are fleeing of election and avoiding to give public opportunity to decide about their future.” He further stated there seems transgression everywhere in the country and urged the masses to take to streets for their rights. The AML Chief was of the view that the incumbent government was ignorant of the sentiments of the public for it which could prove vicious.   

Commenting over his visit to United Kingdom, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed the people in UK were concerned about desolation of the Pakistani nation.  He said that the masses were deprived of two time meal and unavailable to educate their children but they were engaged in politicking on issues which have nothing to do with the country and its people but aimed at their personal interests.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP