Bandits kidnap two watchmen from Shikarpur fish farmBreaking

May 16, 2024

Two more persons were kidnapped from Shikarpur as rampant kidnappings by the gangs of bandits continued in district. A gang of bandits abducted two watchmen of a fish farm, Mohammad Saleh Pahore and Abdul Hameed Pahore at Faizoo Laro near Khanpur. The dacoits kidnapped two watchmen from the fish farm. The number of kidnapped persons has reached to 10 with this recent abduction incident. The family members of hostages staged a protest sit-in against kidnappings at Faizoo stop on Indus Highway. Protesters burnt tyres at the road and blocked it for traffic. Long lines of vehicles witnessed on both sides of the highway after the protest and blockade.

Rampant kidnappings and other crimes by various gangs of bandits operating in katcha area has made life miserable for local population. The authorities and police department claiming to act against criminals entrenched in the area but to no avail despite tall claims. Police officials have said that the police investigating crimes with modern technology and tracing the mobile number and location of the two hostages. They said that the search has been launched and a search operation with heavy contingents of police has been initiated in katcha area. “With the Grace of God, the hostages will be soon recovered and handed over to families,” police officials claimed.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan