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Council of Senior Scholars to Afghan caretaker government: Islam empowers women educationBreaking

December 25, 2022

The Council of Senior Scholars (Ulema) called on the Afghan caretaker government to enable Afghan women to have the right to learn in educational institutions and to reverse its decision to prevent women from education, noting that preventing women from learning is not permissible in Islamic law.

The Council explained that Islam preserved and explained the rights and duties of every human being, male and female, reiterating that Islam, with its rulings and legislation, preserved the legal rights of women and enabled them to enjoy under this true religion their rights that preserve their humanity and preserve their dignity, leadership and prosperity.

The Council of Senior Scholars noted that at the forefront of the rights that Islam has preserved for women is the right to education, as the legal texts urge and encourage education equal for both men and women.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP