Pakistan's jade gets big response at China Int'l expoBreaking

November 10, 2022

Pakistan jade has great potential in the Chinese market, said Abdul Basit Khan, a Pakistani exhibitor who participated in China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the fourth times, according to Gwadar Pro. “This expo gives us a perfect platform where we can get some customers who can work with us in the future,” said Basit Khan who has well-arranged booth at the expo with colorful stone crafts. “I think that products on this year’s CIIE are of better quality, which owns to the more strict quality checking procedure of the organizer. I appreciate that because customers can build trust with our exhibitors more easily at this expo.”  Abdul added, that this year they not only brought products of better quality, but also brought products of more varieties.

“This year we have a bigger booth, so we can bring goods of bigger size.” “Compared with the year 2020, the visitors are more this year. We already got great orders and contacts of some potential cooperation partners.” Abdul told Gwadar Pro that through CIIE, they got a long-term business partner in Henan who import raw onyx material from them a few times. Abdul also has branch offices and product display centers in Yunfu, Guangdong and Lanzhow, Gansu in China. “I think Pakistan jade has great potential in the Chinese market. Chinese people like jade very much. Our jade looks familiar to Hetian Jade in China, only the hardness and density are different. The hardness of our jade is lower than that of Hetian jade, while its polishing and transparency are better. 

The price of our jade bracelet of the same appearance is only about one percent of the Hetian jade bracelet.” Abdul stressed. He also showed us their fluorite handicrafts, which are very popular at this year’s CIIE. This is also the first time he bring fluorite products to the expo. “We got a lot of advice for our product improvement on CIIE as well,” Abdul said when he showed us a jade handicraft of peony, Chinese national flower. “We produce products according to Chinese culture as there has been a long and deep culture of stone arts in China. Sometimes our Chinese customers teach us how to do.” he added.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP