CPEC important diplomatic initiative of 21st century: Mushahid HussainBreaking

August 16, 2022

“Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is the most important developmental and diplomatic initiative of the 21st century. We are proud to say that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the centerpiece and flagship of BRI. Like BRI, CPEC itself is a success story”, said Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed.According to Gwadar Pro, he made the remarks on a webinar ‘Big Power Competition in the Post-Pandemic World Order and the Belt and Road Initiative’, which was organized by Pakistan-China Institute (PCI), Islamabad.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed said, “A huge transformation is present to our eyes. There is a shift and the global balance and economical and political powers moving away from West to East,” said Mr. Sayed who is also chairman of PCI.“The American century is coming to an end. We see a major transformation, emergence and resurgence of Asia and many observers see an Asia century, in which China’s peaceful development is a central piece of these developments,” he said.

Mushahid Hussain Syed said that on one side is the US and some of its partners, talking about containment of China and as well about a new Cold War. On the other side there is a large chunk of public opinion in the third world that does not agree with this perspective.“There are two paths. A path of connectivity and cooperation of which the leading example is BRI. It brings together corridors, cultures and connectivity. The other path is conflict and confrontation,” he said.

According to Mushahid Hussain Syed, the world can no longer afford conflicts, a new Cold War, or any policies of containment. “Let us build a better peaceful prosperous future together because the challenges acquire collective approach. Cold War is not on the agenda especially of the developing countries,” he said.Professor Wang Wen from Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China talked about China’s rise amidst the new cold war-challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic world. “I believe that the US has adopted a new cold war approach to contain and suppress China without a bottom-line, honestly.

China was forced to fight back. If the United States does not stop those behaviors and the cold war really occurs, the whole world will suffer,” said Mr. Wang Wen. Mustafa Hyder Sayed, Executive Director PCI said, “Countries like Pakistan have to learn how to balance their strategic partnerships and at the same time prioritize our food and economic security”.

Keith Bennet, Co-Editor Friends of Socialist China, said that China is a role model for countries that wish to build their economies. “On economic front, China’s BRI is the greatest investment infrastructure program and opportunity in history, holds up the possibility of development of the national economy and holds connectivity and improvement of peoples living standard in countries across the globe,” Mr. Bennet said. Yara Suos, MP Member Kingdom of Cambodia explained that Cambodia and its people highly value BRI and China’s strategic partnership in the region.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP