Chinese envoy ensures support promoting education in PakistanBreaking

January 05, 2023

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong appreciated the initiative taken by Tang International Education Group Pakistan Subsidiary for promoting technical/skills education and vocational training programs in the country. He promised to provide all possible assistance to achieve this task. He was talking with Max Ma, Executive President of the group during a meeting held here at the embassy. About the meeting, Max Ma told WealthPK that it was very productive and we exchanged views as to how to expand the educational network in Pakistan through the support of Chinese institutions. Mr. Max Ma highlighted their work that was carried out over the past decade and said, they have adhered to the principle of servicing the educational industry. 

Utilizing Internet technology to enhance teaching and learning efficiency, he said the organization is steadfastly committed to assisting people from all walks of life to study the Chinese language and comprehend Chinese culture. About the main disciplines of Tang International Education group, Max said, the ongoing Sino-Foreign Joint School Dual Diploma Joint Education  Program of the China Cooperation, Chinese Commerce Culture, Technology Training, Education Employment (CCTE) is designed for international students who wish to obtain additional China education experience and certificates while continuing their national higher education. This Program is given by international schools with the cooperative effort between Pakistani and Chinese institutions.

The majority of the disciplines are chosen to recruit students. These disciplines are extremely popular in the world, promoting a strong connection to transcultural careers at schools both in China and Pakistan. About their work in Pakistan, he said they promote Technical education ,languages and vocational training. This is our initial task and the purpose is to get acquainted with one another through culture, language, and social activities. He said, Pakistan and China are iron brothers and we have a strong connection because of CPEC which is the initiative of BRI, so our venture in Pakistan to promote educational training and programs is most beneficial for both countries.

Max Ma said I have been in Pakistan for almost seventeen years. Beginning in 2023, we celebrated a night of cultural exchange, having a delightful gathering of Pakistani and Chinese families and friends. These factors have made this evening truly remarkable and unforgettable. Highlighting the depth of Sino-Pak relations, he retreated phrases often mentioned in our relations that, the bond between Pakistan and China is stronger than the Himalayas, deeper than the Arabian Sea, and sweeter than honey. He viewed Cultural activities are the only and most effective means of bringing people together, and we're doing that on our part.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP