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 US and Saudi Arabia inching towards security dealBreaking

June 10, 2024

The Biden administration is reportedly close to finalizing a treaty with Saudi Arabia that would commit the United States to assist in defending the Gulf nation. This potential deal is aimed at encouraging diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, according to US and Saudi officials cited by the Wall Street Journal. The possible agreement is part of a broader package that would include several other components. These include a civil nuclear pact between the US and Saudi Arabia, steps toward the establishment of a Palestinian state, and an end to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, where attempts to establish a lasting ceasefire have so far been unsuccessful. The potential deal, which has been widely hinted at by US and other officials in recent weeks, is intended to achieve multiple diplomatic objectives. By forging closer ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the agreement would represent a significant shift in the geopolitical dynamics of the region. Additionally, the inclusion of measures related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the situation in Gaza suggests a broader effort to address longstanding regional tensions.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan