Tehran warns any US military action against Iran will be declaration of WarBreaking

January 31, 2023

The Iranian Permanent Mission to the United Nations warned on Tuesday, after the recent drone attack in the province of Isfahan, allegedly carried out by Israel, that Tehran would consider any military action by the United States against Iran as a declaration of war which would be met with retaliatory measures.

"In Iran's perspective, the use of the military option at any level means U.S. entry into the war. For now Iran considers such a possibility to be weak," the mission told US Newsweek news magazine. Tehran also said that if the US "miscalculates and starts a war," then Washington would be responsible for the consequences of such a conflict "for the region and the world," the news outlet reported. In such a case, Iran will be capable of ensuring its own security and defending the country's interests, Newsweek cited the mission as saying.

Washington has so far denied any involvement in the recent attack on Iran, the media outlet reported. "We've seen the press reports, but can confirm that no U.S. military forces have conducted strikes or operations inside Iran. We continue to monitor the situation, but have nothing further to provide," a Pentagon spokesperson was quoted as saying by the Newsweek.

On Saturday night, an explosion occurred in Isfahan's northern neighborhood, at one of the military enterprises of the Iranian Defense Ministry, media reported. Mini-drones reportedly attacked an ammunition depot. No casualties were registered. The same night, an explosion and a subsequent fire occurred at an industrial oil production plant in the city of Azarshahr in northwestern Iran.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP