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Saudi-Kuwait 650km-long railway set to complete by 2028Breaking

April 05, 2024

The 650km-long railway network connecting Saudi Arabia to Kuwait is estimated to be completed by 2028. The network will shorten travel time to two hours. The railway will start from Al Shaddadiya in Kuwait and pass through Riyadh city, according to officials at the ministry of public works. The project will consist of three phases; the first phase is studying the project and analysing the route, which will take approximately three months. Procedures and approvals for the first phase are almost done, as reported by the officials. The second is the design phase and it has been given a one-year time frame. The third is the execution of the project, which will take three years. The distance between Kuwait city and Riyadh is estimated at 650 km and studies show that once the project becomes operational in 2028, the travel time between the two cities will be down to two hours, they added.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan