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Saudi Arabia bans visit visa holders from entering Makkah during Hajj 2024Breaking

May 24, 2024

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has announced entry restrictions to Makkah for holders of all types of visit visas from May 23 to June 21, 2024, coinciding with the upcoming Hajj season. The ministry clarified that visit visas do not include authorization to perform Hajj. Visitors currently in Saudi Arabia on visit visas are advised to refrain from traveling to Makkah during this period to avoid penalties under the Kingdom’s regulations. These measures are part of the security and organizational preparations aimed at ensuring the safety and security of authorized pilgrims and allowing them to perform their religious rituals without disruption. Hajj is a sacred pilgrimage and is one of the fifth pillars of Islam.

Each year, millions of Muslims worldwide travel to and perform Hajj in Makkah, modern-day Saudi Arabia. On Thursday, the authorities in Makkah, Saudi Arabia raised the Kiswa (Ghilaf-e-Kaaba) to mark start of the Hajj 2024 season. The Kiswa, the cloth covering the Holy Kaaba, was raised by three meters and the lower part was covered with a white cotton cloth (Ihram) two meters wide on all four sides, an annual practice to help prevent damage to the Kaaba before the Hajj. The ceremony was conducted by a team of specialists from the King Abdul Aziz Complex, responsible for maintaining the Kaaba.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan