New York police arrest 3 people during protest after Tyre Nichols' DeathBreaking

January 28, 2023

Police arrested three people at a demonstration in New York, following the release of bodycam footage showing five Black Memphis police officers beating Tyre Nichols, a 29-year old Black man, during a traffic stop, according to a statement. On Friday evening, Memphis authorities released four videos of the beating of Nichols, who died three days after the fatal incident. Police officers initially pulled him over for reckless driving before dragging him out of his car and putting him on the ground. Nichols escaped arrest in the first altercation but police officers eventually caught up with him in a nearby neighborhood.

During the second altercation, police officers struggled to place him in handcuffs again. Several of the officers kicked and beat Nichols with a baton until one officer appeared to punch Nichols in the head several times while two other officers held his hands behind his back. After the footage was released, a wave of protests swept across the United States. Around 250 people marched in Midtown New York, obstructing traffic and walking through cars, NBC news reported. Some people could be seen carrying banners that read "Stop police brutality. ""There have been three arrests in midtown Manhattan," the police said.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP