Hamas asks Muslim world to ‘remember their duty’ amid ongoing crisisBreaking

October 17, 2023

Hamas has asked the Muslim world to ‘remember their duty’ amid the ongoing crisis in Gaza by the Israeli forces. Speaking to a private TV Channel Hamas spokesperson Khaled Qadomi said that Israel is committing ‘war crimes’ against the innocent Palestinians but the world is silent on the brutality of Israel. He said that Palestinians are in search of peace and freedom whereas Israel has turned Gaza into an open prison. More than 2,200 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s aerial offensive on Gaza, while Israel lost 1,300 people in Hamas’ attacks. On Friday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it would be “impossible” for civilians in Gaza to comply with the evacuation order without devastating humanitarian consequences.

The UN chief called on the world to unite in support of the fundamental principle of protecting civilians, and “finding a lasting solution to this unending cycle of death and destruction.” A plane carrying life-saving health supplies from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) logistics hub in Dubai landed in Egypt on Saturday to aid civilians in Gaza – as soon as access across the border into the enclave can be established.

The shipment includes trauma medicines, healthcare essentials, and equipment sufficient to treat around 1,200 who have suffered injuries during the bombing raids and around 1,500 chronically ill patients. The cargo also includes basic health supplies to meet the needs of 300,000 others, including pregnant women.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)