Donald Trump praises Hezbollah as ‘very smart’Breaking

October 13, 2023

Former US president Donald Trump lashed out at Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the Israeli prime minister was caught unprepared for Hamas’ attack and praising the Hezbollah as ‘very smart.’ “(Netanyahu) has been hurt very badly because of what’s happened here. He was not prepared. He was not prepared, and Israel was not prepared,” Trump told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade in an interview clip that aired Wednesday night. Regarding Hezbollah, Trump said, they’re smart because nobody’s ever seen the kind of sight that we’ve seen.

The statement of Donald Trump is being strongly criticized by the White House and Israel. White House spokesman rebuked the former US president for what he called “dangerous and unhinged” comments about the Israel-Gaza conflict. The White House further asked how a former US president can ‘support’ an ‘Iran-backed group.’ Meanwhile, Israel on Thursday also condemned Donald Trump’s remarks praising Hezbollah and criticising Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the ongoing war, calling it “shameful” and “unreliable”. “It is shameful that a man like that, a former US president, abets propaganda and disseminates things that wound the spirit of Israel’s fighters and its citizens,” Israeli communications minister Shlomo told local media Channel 13.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan (INP)