4 kids burnt alive after mobile phone charger sparks fireBreaking

March 27, 2024

Four children suffered severe burns and later died after a bed in their room caught fire due to a short-circuit caused by a mobile charger in Meerut city. Their parents rushed into the room to save their children who were asleep, also sustaining burn injuries in rescuing their kids. The mother of the kids has been battling for life in hospital while father of the kids is in a medical facility. Meerut city SP said victims were rushed to hospital and one after another, all four passed away. This is not the first time that innocent lives have been lost in fire related to mobile phones. Tips to avoid mobile charger related untoward incidents Do not go for cheap chargers and avoid charging on soft surfaces like bed and never charge your phone in Sunlight. Ensure unplug when charges and buy multi-plugs that support surge protector.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan