Local manufacture of solar panels a solution to expensive electricityBreaking

May 20, 2024

Solar panels manufacturing at home can not only rid Pakistan of the decades-old power crisis but also save a hefty budget spent on their import. Talking to WealthPK, Omar Malik, a solar panel retailer, insists on the solar panels manufacturing at home though it will increase competition and further decrease prices. This approach will not only lessen our reliance on imports but also strengthen our financial independence, he believes. “Besides, local production will also create jobs, as manufacturing will foster the development of allied industries like raw material suppliers, installers, transportation companies, and cable providers. This ecosystem will naturally boost our economy and help minimize joblessness. “Without injecting fresh investments into the economy, we cannot battle the mounting challenges in the face. The ongoing power crisis presents an opportunity for investors, and the government must evolve strategies to attract them. A conducive environment for the investors will help Pakistan get rid of the persisting challenges,” he added.

Muhammad Qamar, a study abroad visa consultant, told WealthPK that the youth are desperate to leave Pakistan for greener pastures, which is a grave concern. Most of the families even take extreme measures by selling their belongings to send their children abroad. We have to stop this influx by creating job opportunities at home, he said. Suggesting a two-pronged approach, he said, “Firstly, the government should support the youth to get admission to the world-class educational institutions; secondly, the government should discourage those fabricating student visas only to leave Pakistan.” “Pakistan is grappling with the energy crisis. We have to harness the potential of our youth by creating jobs. The demand for solar panels is rapidly surging. The government must establish manufacturing units in different cities to ensure jobs for our youth,” Qamar said.

“Unfortunately, scores of skilled people have left Pakistan by obtaining student visas, which has caused an irreparable loss to the country. We have to stop this brain drain by creating jobs for them at home. I am strongly convinced that only job creation can retain the talent in Pakistan,” he added. Talking to WealthPK, Muhammad Ghafar, an employee of the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco), said the electricity produced through solar panels offers significant relief to consumers. People want to get rid of the expensive electricity being provided by the government. “Increasing solarization is a matter of concern for the independent power producers (IPPs), but favors the consumers a lot. There is a need to promote solarization in the country in order to address the serious issue of climate change,” he added.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan