Political instability puts index under pressureBreaking

November 24, 2022

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) spotted the index trading at 42,944.98, improving by 64.67 points from the previous close of 42,880.31, as the morning bell rang on Thursday. The benchmark KSE-100 index has been hovering over the psychological level of 42,000-43,000 points over the past few weeks. However, the top contributor pushing the benchmark KSE-100 index upwards includes Technology and Communication sector, showing a change of 20.86 points. While, the Transport company left the highest change by a positive of 1.25%. So far, the volume leader stays PTC observing a change by 6.69%. Earlier on Wednesday, the KSE-100 ended the trading session at 42,880.31 points from the previously closed value of 42,928.63 on Tuesday.


Credit : Independent News Pakistan-INP