Businessmen ask govt to resolve issues via mutual consultationBreaking

December 24, 2022

Expressing their grave concerns over the news orders of closure of businesses at 8pm, the business community has asked government to hold consultation with them for finding a solution of the issues acceptable for both sides. Former member of the managing committee of KCCI and former chairman of All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Importers and Dealers Association (AP Mspida), Faisal Khalil has said that that the economic conditions are continuously deteriorating and the business is decreasing. He clarified that closure of businesses at 8pm in the context of energy saving will not be beneficial in any way and the government should for look alternate policies through mutual understanding with the business community so that they can be successful.

Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion of his visit to the association, Faisal Khalil congratulated the elected chairman Nasir Maqbool for working for the motorcycle spare parts industry even in adverse conditions and paying full attention to the problems of AP Mspida members. On this occasion, he also garlanded Nasir Maqbool. While the Secretary General of AP Mspida Syed Jamal Shah was also present. Faisal Khalil said that businessmen should be avoided by limiting their business activities, the government and all the parties participating in the country's politics should work together to find solutions to the economic crisis.

He said the increasing rate of inflation in Pakistan has already broken the back of the poor, the non-supply of dollars has made it impossible to open LCs for imported products, while the demurrage on importers is increasing due to the lack of clearance of containers at the port. There is a need to formulate comprehensive and practical policies to take advantage of the natural resources available in the country and to increase productivity. Faisal Khalil said that businessmen are the backbone for the stability of the country's economy. The country is facing serious economic challenges.

The country's economic development and prosperity is only possible with the favorable conditions of businessmen, industrialists and business sectors, the government should take steps on a priority basis to increase the value of the rupee and control the dollar prices. On this occasion, Chairman AP Mspida, Nasir Maqbool thanked Faisal Khalil for coming to the association and said that his team is working diligently for the better interest of motorcycle spare parts importers and dealers.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-INP