Aleem wealthier than Punjab CM Hamza and BuzdarBreaking

June 21, 2022

PTI dissident leader Aleem Khan has accumulated more assets than the
incumbent Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz and former CM Usman Buzdar, according to the asset
details of the provincial assembly members, it has been reported on Monday.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has released asset details of the Punjab Assembly members.

According to the list, Punjab Chief Minister Hamza owns assets worth Rs410.43 million, while his
predecessor Buzdar is in possession of assets amounting to Rs50.80 million. But dissident PTI leader and
ex-MPA Aleem Khan (who has been de-seated on May 20, 2022 after the ruling of the election
commission on PTI rebel members) has declared assets worth more than Rs1.70 billion.

Chief Minister Hamza has declared assets worth Rs410.43 million which also included 11 residential
houses worth Rs130.64 million. He has three agricultural lands worth Rs30.97 million. He also declared
himself in debt of Rs90.71 million.

CM Hamza’s first wife Mehrun Nisa owns assets worth Rs5 million. His second wife Rabia Hamza
possesses wealth worth Rs30.74 million.

Former Punjab chief minister Buzdar has declared assets worth Rs50.80 million.

Aleem Khan’s declared assets are worth more than Rs1.70 billion.

Former provincial minister Murad Raas owns assets worth Rs380 million. Whereas Mian Mehmoodur
Rashid is in possession of assets worth more than Rs180 million.