TDAP told to focus on one-window operations to facilitate exporters

October 05, 2022

In order to increase exports of the country, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Commerce has directed the Trade Development Authority (TDAP) to concentrate all its activities on a one-window operation so that traders and exporters are facilitated.  Raza Rabbani Khar chaired the meeting which was also attended by Shaista Pervaiz Malik, Wajiha Qamar, Usman Ibrahim, and Rasheed Ahmed Khan. Officials from the ministry of TDAP and commerce were also present at the meeting. Chairman of the committee appreciated the TDAP’s efforts in the digitization of its services.

He commended the authority on the excellent work that it was doing and also directed the authority to further expand its operations of helping the exporters and traders by making the applications and websites of the authority more interactive. He stressed the need of the platforms to be more informative with easy-to-use interfaces.  In order to promote trade between different regions of the country, TDAP has been directed by the committee to ensure the quality of the products produced by checking that they meet international standards. Emphasis on the promotion of local industry and indigenous products has also been made.  

TDAP has been tasked by the committee to develop a plan for one window operations to facilitate the exporters and present it in the next meeting. Also, the TDAP has been told to present the amount of revenues generated from exhibitions abroad, and also the costs incurred by it for audit purposes.  While discussing the functionality of the National Export Policy Board, the committee observed that the board needed to be fully functional so that facilitation can be extended to the exporters and traders for the resolution of all their outstanding issues. Members of the national assembly who were presented at the committee meeting stressed the need for TDAP to speed up its operations. Shaista Pervaiz Malik highlighted the importance and role of SMEs.

She directed TDAP to make a comprehensive plan to facilitate SMEs in their operations. She said that “one window operations will resolve a lot of problems for traders and exporters.” Other national assembly members present at the meeting said that it is important to import modern technology into the country. “Without the import of modern technology, it will be virtually impossible for Pakistani industry to compete globally.”  “Various countries in the world were looking for unskilled and cheap labour. If Pakistan can export this human resource to these countries, it will help in the earning of foreign exchange through remittances,” Usman Ibrahim said.  

Earlier the committee was briefed in detail on performance, issues, and way forward of TDAP. The officials informed that the authority was working in various sectors including textiles, leather, and agricultural products besides international marketing by supporting Pakistani business entities for participation in international trade exhibitions.  TDAP apprised the committee of the previous year’s 36 exhibitions and trade shows that were successfully organized for trade promotion. TDAP told that 48 expos had to be postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19 situation. As many as 329 webinars and B2B meetings were arranged during the period as well, they added.  

TDAP told the committee that in order to promote women's entrepreneurship in the country, an exclusive policy for their inclusion and support has been introduced which is going to help them improve their situation by undertaking entrepreneurial activities. TDAP also briefed the committee on country specific trade interventions, the National Exporters Training Program, market development and exploration initiatives, Pakistan Trade Portal, Pakistan Tourism app and other measures for promoting the use of digital technology.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk