Skardu Software Technology Park to help train youth: official

November 23, 2022

The Software Technology Park established in Skardu by the Gilgit-Baltistan government in conjunction with the Special Communications Organisation will provide a platform for the young generation to navigate the demands of contemporary technology.

Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Secretary Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani told media that Gilgit-Baltistan's economic foundation would be strengthened by technical development, the provision of contemporary educational facilities, and the alteration of its environment to bring it at par with the smart cities of the industrialised world.

In addition, he said, a number of startups in the area are receiving amenities like constant power supply and high-speed internet, which would entice young people to look for new career opportunities and increase the region's labour pool. "Every generation needs a revolution and here in Gilgit Baltistan, we believe in the technology revolution," Wani said.

The chief secretary, who is also the chairperson of Karakoram Cooperative Bank Limited, has developed the "Taleem (education) Finance" programme in order to take advantage of the bright talent in higher education.

According to the plan, students from Gilgit-Baltistan who gain admission to one of Pakistan's top 15 universities would receive a loan covering all of their tuition and stipend costs for their further education. Wani said the loan would be paid back in five years after the students' studies are over.

In order to help a young girl, who got admitted to the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), realise her desire for growth and development, he said that Gilgit-Baltistan has already provided a financial facility for her.

He stated that as part of the initiatives to realise the objective of bringing about a technological revolution in the area, over 184 educational institutions in Gilgit Baltistan are now being solarized.

Although Gilgit-Baltistan has made considerable progress in digitising educational institutions, the chief secretary stated that in order to succeed, a reliable power source must be provided. "We are solarizing 184 educational sites around the region for this precise purpose," he continued.

The solarized schools, according to Wani, would receive not only solar backup but also an extra battery backup to handle even the worst power failures.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk