PTCL ends 2022 with highest five-year revenue, profits

March 22, 2023

Fakiha Tariq

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has declared the highest five-year revenue and profit of Rs83 billion and Rs18 billion, respectively, during the calendar year 2022.Year-on-year, PTCL’s revenues and gross profit were up 9% and 10%, respectively, in CY22 compared to 2021, WealthPK reports.

The company is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange with the symbol of PTC in the technology and communication sector. PTCL is the third largest company in its sector, having a market capitalisation of Rs21.9 billion. PTCL is the largest ICT (Integrated Communication Technology) company in Pakistan established as public limited firm in 1995. The company is primarily engaged in providing telecom services nationwide.

In 2022, PTCL posted revenues of Rs83 billion, which was 9% higher than the revenue of Rs76 billion collected in CY21. Similarly, the gross profit in CY22 went up by 10% to Rs18 billion compared to Rs16 billion in CY21. However, PTCL saw its net profit increase 32% in CY22 to Rs9 billion from Rs6.8 billion in CY21. Gross profit ratio for CY21 and CY22 remained the same at 22%, whereas the net profit margin moved up from 8.94% in CY21 to 10.85% in CY22. PTCL posted earnings per share of Rs1.78 in CY22 with an increment of 32% in comparison to CY21.

PTCL – Historical Financial Analysis – CY18 to CY22

In comparison to the last five years, PTCL posted the highest sales in CY22. In CY18, PTCL gross sales remained at Rs70 billion, which pushed up to Rs71.5 billion in CY19 and Rs71.8 in CY20. Showing a gradually increasing trend, PTCL reported sales of Rs76 billion in CY21 and reached a peak sales of Rs83 billion in 2022.

Likewise, PTCL’s gross and net profits also peaked in 2022. The gross profit values gave a U-shaped curve from CY18 to CY22. Gross profit kept declining from Rs17 billion in CY18 to Rs14 billion in CY20. However, PTCL posted incremented gross profits in CY21 and CY22 of Rs16 billion and Rs18 billion, respectively.

The company posted a net profit of Rs7.4 billion in CY18, which slightly dropped in the next three years and kept hovering around Rs6 billion mark. However, the company earned the highest five-year net profit of Rs9 billion in CY22.

PTCL’s earnings per share stood at Rs1.46 in CY18, which kept relatively low from CY19 to CY21, but moved up to Rs1.78 in CY22. The mean years of CY19, CY20 and CY21 posted EPS values of Rs1.24, Rs1.18 and Rs1.35 per share, respectively.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk