PSF spending millions on grooming talented students

January 20, 2023

Pakistan Science Foundation spends millions of rupees every year to help talented students of government schools and groom them to become creative scientists, WealthPK reports. According to documents, Rs99.42 million was utilised for the monetary benefits and the additional interventions designed for the students under the Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) Phase-I of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) during the year 2021-22.

The main objective of STFS is to support talented but less privileged science students of government schools in their studies and groom them to become productive scientists. The scheme is also aimed at grooming and supporting the selected students by progressively exposing them to advancements in science and mathematics through an inquiry-based learning approach and arranging training sessions for them on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE).

The scheme also focuses on the promotion or popularisation of science and technology through different platforms including social, print and digital media for teenagers, young adults and specifically out-of-school children. Besides, a database or tracking system has also been established for all the beneficiary students of the project.

Under the STFS, as many as 500 students are selected each year through evaluation by a specialised testing agency. Scientific aptitude test is conducted in three phases including specialised written or screening test, paper-based IQ test 60 and presentation on innovative ideas/interview.

A scholarship of Rs15,000 per month is awarded to each successful student for five years. For physically-challenged students, the amount of scholarship is Rs18,000 per month. A tuition fee of Rs10,000 per year is also provided to each student under the project.

Under the STFS, research projects are developed by each student every year to be supervised by a university teacher or researcher while science graduates also provide guidance to these students. Science lectures, presentations, films, planetarium shows, hands-on activities through mobile science labs, and visits to universities and science and technology organisations at national and international levels are also part of the programme.

PSF is the apex body for the promotion and funding of scientific and technological research and other related activities in the country. The activities undertaken by PSF include promoting and financing scientific research in the country and utilising the research results, popularising science in society, international liaison and establishing comprehensive scientific and technological information dissemination centres, according to the documents available with WealthPK.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk