Pakistan exported $633m IT services in Q1 of FY23

November 23, 2022

Pakistan made US$633.130 million by offering various information technology (IT) services to different countries during the first quarter of the current fiscal year (2022–23).

The export of computer services increased by 5.21% between July and September (2022-23), rising from US$490.850 million in the previous fiscal year to US$516.410 million this year, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) figures revealed.

Software consultancy service exports increased by 5.73% from $176.506 million to US$186.622 million, while hardware consultancy service exports increased by 10.27% from $0.837 million to $0.923 million.

While exports of repair and maintenance services fell to US$0.218 million from US$0.345 million, the export of services connected to computer software increased by 14.51%, from US$124.702 million to US$142.793 million.

In addition, there was a 1.38% drop in the exports of other computer services, from US$188.460 million to US$185.854 million. During the study period, the export of information services also decreased by 23.13%, from $1.340 million to $1.030 million.

When it comes to information services, news agency services had a 22.66% decline in exports, from US$0.962 million to US$0.744 million, while other information services saw a 24.34% decline, from US$0.378 million to US$0.286 million.

A reduction of 18.94% was also seen in the export of telecommunication services, which fell from US$142.720 million to US$115.690 million in the months under review.

In terms of exports of telecommunication services, call centre services saw a 21.20% gain over the period, going from US$44.026 million to US$53.361 million, while other telecommunication services saw a 36.85% decline, going down from US$89.694 million to US$62.329 million.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk