Pakistan, Ethiopia envoys vow to advance bilateral relations

February 03, 2023

Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan Jemal Beker Abdula and Pakistani Ambassador to Ethiopia Shozab Abbas have reiterated their commitment to advancing bilateral, regional, and multilateral collaboration in order to elevate the already burgeoning relations between the two countries. At a meeting convened at the Ethiopian Embassy, they made their intentions clear. During the meeting, which covered the whole range of bilateral relations, they discussed regional and global topics of shared concern. They agreed to set up communication between Ethiopia's and Pakistan's senior authorities.

Ethiopia places a high value on its relations with Pakistan, Ambassador Abdula said, adding that the two countries have a long history of cooperating for world peace and the maintenance of the rules-based international system. The Ethiopian envoy expressed optimism about the prospects of the bilateral trade between Ethiopia and Pakistan since both corporate communities are ready to expand into one another's markets.

He gave his counterpart an update on the business group from Pakistan that would visit Ethiopia from March 5 to 10 to look into trade, investment, and business prospects. According to Jemal Beker, a high-level team from Ethiopia is also scheduled to travel to Pakistan in April to sign agreements in a number of sectors, including trade, science and technology, aviation, and others as well as to formally open the Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad.

He also talked about issues pertaining to Ethiopian Airlines' flight operations in Pakistan, and Shozab Abbas gave him his full backing in this respect. Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Shozab Abbas said that in order to further strengthen bilateral trade relations, the business community on both sides has to be encouraged to engage in frequent communication.

He said that Ethiopia is a key entry point into Africa, the seat of the African Union, and a vital partner in Pakistan's Look Africa Initiative. In addition, he placed a strong emphasis on encouraging educational collaboration between the two countries, which is essential to fostering people-to-people exchanges.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk