Pakistan, Canada to improve trade relations

March 24, 2023

Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan Leslie Scanlon and Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Mohammad Ishaq Dar have discussed ways to improve bilateral ties and collaboration in a variety of areas, including trade, investments, and climate resilience. During a meeting they discussed the general state of the world economy and the economic policies and programmes of the Pakistani government.

Ishaq Dar gave the envoy a briefing on the country's economic future, current difficulties, and significant losses brought on by last year's terrible floods. He stated that there are cordial ties between the two countries and praised Canada's assistance to flood victims.

He mentioned how the government's practical policy choices have not only stopped the economy's collapse but also can guide it towards stability and prosperity. He also mentioned that in order to minimise the budgetary and current account deficits and boost income collection, the government has made tough choices in several important industries, including the energy industry.

The minister provided information about the discussions held with the IMF mission and reaffirmed the government's commitment to completing the current programme with the fund and upholding all of its international obligations. He expressed appreciation for Canadian investments in Pakistan and pledged the government's full support and cooperation in fostering closer economic ties between the two countries.

Ambassador Leslie Scanlon expressed her support for the long-standing friendship between Pakistan and Canada, saying that these ties need to be strengthened, particularly in the areas of trade, investment, and climate resilience. She provided information on the recently created regional plan, through which Pakistan will have access to resources to improve climate resilience. She backed the government's programmes and initiatives for socioeconomic advancement and economic expansion.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk