PAAPAM, PEC team up to promote engineering entrepreneurship

November 18, 2022

Azeem A Khan

The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) have teamed up to promote engineering entrepreneurship aimed at reducing the unemployment rate and brain drain in the country.

PAAPAM, a veteran auto parts maker, in collaboration with the PEC, a professional body for engineering education accreditation, issued hundreds of internship letters to new engineers from Sindh and Balochistan provinces at a ceremony held in this regard. Both bodies have decided to launch this landmark national initiative regularly, which is the second phase of their endeavour.

Speaking about the initiative, PAAPAM Chairman Munir K Bana stated that this initiative would significantly assist in eliminating unemployment in the country. The nation has been seeing a significant brain drain of skilled technicians and this initiative can help stop this flow too, he added. Munir Bana stated that the auto parts industry is the mother of all engineering activities in the country, and "We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by offering training to engineers in the right environment."

He emphasised that fresh engineers need to understand that there is no shortcut in life and that success can only be attained via long stretches of hard labour and performance. He thanked the PEC for their support and collaboration and suggested that this good work should be spread to other fields of training at a national level.

PEC Punjab Vice Chairman Prof Dr Niaz Ahmed Akhtar emphasised that aspiring engineers must go the extra mile to flourish in their careers. He reminded fresh engineering graduates that engineers are the nation's builders and must fulfil their obligations.

Discipline and self-regulation are the keys to opening up future avenues of success, he said, and lauded the contribution of PAAPAM to this noble and national cause. PAAPAM Executive Committee Member Zain Shariq thanked the guests for their presence and assured them that the PAAPAM-PEC convergence would continue in the coming years.

Participants and analysts were of the view that this effort would greatly benefit the economy and stop the brain drain from the country. If the graduates are gainfully engaged locally, they would prefer to become assets for the country rather than depart for greener pastures in faraway lands, they observed.


Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk